Forest Decay

On my Sunday drive to pick up my new camera, I was completely awestruck by the spectacular autumn foliage. So much so, I had planned on going back to some of the best spots along the way for my first photo taking session. That wasn’t meant to be. It poured buckets yesterday, and today it was seven degrees Celsius with north wind gusts of 60 km/h. I’m not a fan of the cold, but I didn’t want to let crappy weather keep me from going out to play with my camera. To minimize the risk of freezing to death, I decided it would be wisest to venture deep into the sheltered spruce forest to capture sculptural splendour of decaying trees.

My goal for this outing was to just play around with some of the many, many, many auto-focus settings on my Canon EOS 70D to see what they do. I’m happy with how much “camera function stuff” I figured out while in the forest. It was a good day! A cold day, but a good day.

Here are some of my photographs from today’s adventure. Nature is so freaking amazing!


IMG_0196 2



IMG_0208 2


3 thoughts on “Forest Decay

  1. Hey, I love tree fungus. Never seem to have my camera with me when I see the best! Good luck with yr new camera, I bought the 60D after months of deliberation earlier this year, still trying to work out the functions, have fun 🙂


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