It’s National Cat Day!

It’s National Cat Day here in Canada. A purr-fect day to post a photo of my cat, Moe! As much as I love sharing photos of my beautiful boy, National Cat Day not the reason I shot and posted his photo. There were two things I was trying to achieve here, and they both worked (almost) as planned.

Monday evening, I was reading through my camera manual and I saw that there is a feature that improves the visibility of subjects positioned in front of a brightly lit background. It does this by taking 3 rapid-fire shots at 3 different exposure levels, then it automatically combines the shots into one image. I did a little happy dance when I read that. This feature so easily solves what was one of my biggest frustrations with my old point-and-shoot camera.


As you can see, Moe is hanging out in front of a window. I did not use a flash for this. The camera wanted to use a flash, but for some mysterious reason the pop-up flash is stuck. Even without the flash for the third shot in the sequence, I still think the light level is good. There was no editing done to this picture. It was uploaded here straight from the memory card.

The other thing I tried for this shot was standing across the room and extending lens as far as possible. In this case the lens was set to 91mm. Extending it further would have cut too much of him out of the photo. This technique is supposed to blur the background. It worked! Yay!

Okay, now that I’m finished with this post, I have to go figure out why my flash isn’t popping up. My battery was very low. Maybe that’s why. It’s charging now. I hope it’s something simple like that.


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