Bird Bath

The weekend assignment for Photography 101 breaks away from the idea of working around a theme. Instead, it was suggested that participants review some of the techniques learned during the week, and to try out the WordPress gallery feature (with captions).

I was away today, and I chose not to take my camera with me because didn’t think I would have any opportunities to take photos. I was right. I didn’t have a moment to myself all day. But that’s okay. I found a few okay-ish photos, from October 31st that will go together nicely in a gallery. I hope you enjoy.

All these images were taken on full zoom (135mm lens) and they have been cropped. I used iPhoto to play around with colour and contrast to try and bring out more detail in the bird. It did improve the image quality slightly.


11 thoughts on “Bird Bath

  1. This looks great! I did not even know we had a weekend assignment … I am already overwhelmed by all the work I let go last week while trying to keep up with Photo 101. Maybe I’ll try this tomorrow!


    • Yes. There was a weekend assignment. I thought the weekends were going to be easy (since they are optional) but when I saw that we were asked to make a gallery, I was thinking, “Huh?! More than one photo on a crazy busy weekend!”. I’m determined to post every single day, so I figured out a way to get it done. Funny you should say that you’re overwhelmed by all the work you let go last week trying to keep up with Photo 101. I goofed off work for hours every day last week to get my photos. Ended up working nights to get my work-work done all week. lol

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  2. Yes I could just Like your album and leave it at that but if you really want to know photography some advise to make it even better will go a long way. I totally love your picture captioned “A better look at drying off” There is a reason for that, the bird (I think a seagull) has room to look. There is more room to the left as to the right. It is more pleasant for the eye. As a test crop it the other way around, you will see it looks not as good. Also there is no distracting surface like the brown shore. The seagull has full attention this way. Putting your subject smack dab in the middle works sometimes but most of the time you would need some room in the directing your subject faces. Technically it is a great photo, you have the right camera to work with (Canon 70D) Hope this helps. 🙂


    • I agree with you that the one titled “a better look at drying off” is the best composition and I agree with you about the reason you gave for it. However, I think the reason it works best is a little bit more complex than just the subject being off center, and the simpler background. I think the composition works best because the oval water rings frame the shot (they don’t do that in the others). The rings are not formed around the bird’s body, they are around his legs. When I was doing the initial crops, my initial instinct was to place face of the bird (the top heavy part) in the left 3rd of the shot. When I did that, there was something very disturbing about the way the water rings lost their symmetry. Do you agree? Yes? No?


  3. Great shots on zoom, you must have a steady hand. Your enhancements in editing seem to be lovely, the colors and contrast are visually pleasing to me. I felt as if I were reading a story so I think you did the gallery thing right 🙂


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