Morning at the Marina

I had about an hour of “me time” this morning, so I grabbed my camera and drove to the marina. My plan was to photograph the wooden sculpture of a sailor dressed in bright yellow rain gear that sits in front of the main building. That didn’t happen.

When I arrived, I discovered that the place was in the middle of major renovations. It was utter chaos!  The road down to the docks was blocked off, boats were sitting on trailers all over the back and side parking lots, and the floating docks had been pulled out the water. It looked like a disaster area. Worst of all, the wooden sculpture was inaccessible.

I made my way to the one area on the marina grounds that had escaped demolition to see if there was anything worth photographing. I found a model lighthouse and thought it would make a cute foreground subject for some wide angle shots. (Practicing wide angle shots was one of the suggested things to do in this weekend’s assignment for Photography 101.) To help me resist the temptation to zoom in on a subject, I set my lens to 18mm, then I flipped the lens lock switch to the “on” position. I think the first image is my favourite of the three.





11 thoughts on “Morning at the Marina

    • Thanks! It would have been really easy for me to be a slacker this weekend if I allowed myself to. I’m almost never this busy on the weekends. If I could get it done this weekend I have no excuses for the rest of the month.


  1. I love nos 3 pix a lot …the sprinkle of leaves with a tone of gold on the wooden floor. Moving by the rocks, you look up to see lush of green ahead…sort of like saying after this difficulty, there’s life in front of me. Nice


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