Today’s theme for Photography 101 is warmth. Warm light. Warm colours.

“Today, head outside and capture an image of warmth, using the sun as your source. And if the sun is nowhere to be found, don’t worry! You can interpret warmth in a different way.”

Of course, the sun did not cooperate today, so I experimented with the lighting in my bathroom. This was the most fun I’ve had so far in Photography 101.

For my subjects, I chose my grandmother’s vintage brooch and one of my bracelets. I thought the warm coloured stones and beads would catch the light beautifully. I was right.  


I placed the bracelet and brooch on my vanity. The countertop is a warm colour of granite that is very close to the colour of the dark beads in the bracelet. On the wall above my vanity there are four warm LED lights, and a very large mirror that does a good job magnifying those lights.

My first photos from this session showed the granite very clearly, but then I discovered that the granite behaved like a mirror when I kept the camera low with a slight tilt down. I liked that look a lot, so I looked around for something to place on the counter to help lift back end of the camera. An unopened bar of Ivory soap did the trick. It gave me the height I needed, and helped me to keep the camera steady while I tilted the front end down to shoot.

I have the focal length set to 135 in this photo. It blurred out the harsh lines of the sink, faucet, and wall. I like the effect. At first I was shooting with the granite backsplash as my background, but this background is much more interesting.

ISO 400, 135mm, 0 EV, f 5.6,  1/60,  flash used.


12 thoughts on “Warmth

    • It was on an auto focus setting, but I did have to tell it where I wanted it to focus (for most of the shots I took the camera wanted to focus on the reflection). No course. I’ve had it about two and a half weeks now. I’m just playing around with it to try figure things out.


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