Today’s Photography 101 theme is swarm. I knew the purr-fect place find a swarm.

“Show us a swarm today: large group, moving together. Birds. Bugs. Kids. Taxi cabs. Your subjects can be big or small, animate or inanimate — whatever they are, you just need a lot of them.”


These are some of my furry friends from the cat sanctuary where I volunteer. Even though I knew this was going to be the scene when I opened the door, I failed to prepare the camera. I had the image stabilizer in the off position. Really, who doesn’t check for stuff like that when they know they are about to try to capture a swarm of excited cats on the move? Duh! This photo could have worked for yesterday’s mo(ve)ment shot. Anyway, in spite of the fuzziness, I wanted to use it. Of all the pictures I took today, this was the most authentic swarm. In an attempt to disguise the poor image quality, I used four PicMonkey filters—black and white, dark edges, urbane, and sepia. Yes, it took a lot of filters to try make it look as if my bad photography was a style choice.


12 thoughts on “Swarm

    • Thanks. This is how they greet me at the door every time I visit. I was bummed when I realized the camera wasn’t ready to go. The moment was over by the time I made the adjustment. 😦 I’m not a big fan of filters, but in this case I needed them.


  1. I really like the shot. I would’ve liked to have seen the original as well. Sort of a before and after. For me the focus are eyes of the cat on the chair. I would have cropped out the 4 on the left and drawn the attention away from the background back to those wonderful eyes. The one the floor next to the chair staring up, would end up in the bottom corner, which also catches my eye. It has a 70’s rock album cover feel. Super work. 🙂


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