Yellow Watering Can

It’s the weekend! That means all of us doing The Daily Post’s “Photography 101” November challenge get to take a bit of a breather from the daily prompts. I don’t want a break.

Remember: there are no new assignments for Saturday and Sunday, so feel free to catch up in the Commons, revisit themes from earlier this week, or just take a break.

I made the decision at the start of the month that I was going to post every day this month, so, I’ve chosen to revisit my favourite theme from the week—A pop of colour.

I awoke (shocked) to discover our first snowfall accumulation of the season. It wasn’t a lot of snow, but it certainly was enough to make colours pop. This beat-up old watering can usually goes unnoticed tucked away in that dark corner on the back patio, but today it caught my eye.

IMG_3517 2Here it is again after I moved out to the middle of the snow covered patio.




3 thoughts on “Yellow Watering Can

  1. color certainly did pop. In stead of centering the can, try moving it to one side allowing more room on the pouring side and see if that makes the composition tighter. I like the contrast between the white snow and bright yellow of the subject. Actually I like the first shot, before you moved it into the cleared space. The first shot tells a story the second looks l like a catalog ad, a good catalog ad since it is sharp and clear.


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