Late November Harvest

Instead of running all over town with my camera today, as I’ve been doing pretty much every day lately, I thought I’d spend time doing that other thing I love—gardening.


This morning, I harvested everything left in the ground except for my leeks. Leeks can stay outside all winter if they are kept well insulated with mulch.

The pumpkin you see on the counter was not picked today. I harvested that in mid-October. It’s the only one I still haven’t gotten around to cooking and freezing. It was the largest of all my pumpkins. It grew to 50lbs!

The brussels sprouts in the foreground made up the bulk of my day’s harvest. There are enough for about 30 meals. I also pulled up the last half dozen or so carrots, and about a dozen large onions.

Overall, I’m very happy with how everything grew this year. It was a very cold spring, so everything was late getting into the ground. Thankfully, we had a beautiful fall and we got a few more weeks added on to the other end of the growing season.


2 thoughts on “Late November Harvest

  1. Bountiful harvest. Good image to accompany an end of the season article on what to do with the last of the pickings. I like the angle of the carrot and knife in the bottom of the photo leading into the rest of the harvest.


    • Haha. That angle stuff was completely unintentional. I stopped in the middle of what I was doing and took the pic in a rush planning to show it only to my facebook friends who were following my garden all summer. I never intended to use it here, but the day got away from me and I didn’t get out to take any photos for this blog.


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