Photo 101—The Stuff You Didn’t See

I did it! I published a blog post every day this month! Woohoo! Thank you to to people at The Daily Post for hosting this super-fun photo a day challenge. I’ve met some pretty great people, and I’ve seen a heck of a lot of incredible photos in the last four weeks. I never dreamed I’d love Photography 101 this much!

I’m wrapping the month up by showing you some of the stuff I didn’t share with you. Many of you have done a “best of” wrap-up. In a sense, this is my “worst of” wrap-up because the photos I’m sharing are the ones I didn’t think were good enough to post during the challenge. I held onto these photos for the memories, not for their aesthetics. I thought these images would forever remain private, but now that this thing is over, I’m feeling sentimental about the whole experience, and I want to share more of it.

I’ve spent a ridiculous amount of time near water this month. The canal has (surprisingly) become one of my favourite spots to visit. I can usually find a fisherman, or two, or three to chat with when I make my way across the locks. The man you see below sitting on the bucket was catching fish at an insane rate that day. They would bite the moment he’d cast his line. He was reeling in a mackerel and a herring  in this shot.


In the first week of the month, I unknowingly photographed a crime scene. A boat had been tied to a car and then the car was pushed over the edge of the canal. It was when the capsized boat was being recovered, that the missing car was discovered. The boat had already been removed by the time I shot this, but the car was still underwater. I didn’t see anything out of the out of the ordinary while I was there except that the two boats that usually sat there were not there.  I had no clue any of this happened until later that day. It all “went down” close to where that red car is parked.


 I’m not sure if this is a seal or an otter, but it was incredible to watch.


I gained a new appreciation for seagulls this month. They are all so different. Many of them are strikingly beautiful. I deleted hundreds of photos of them from my hard drive in the last few days. I just can’t keep them all.


I did not, however, gain an appreciation for squirrels. A lot of bad stuff went down between us that I can’t easily let go of.


Yeah, that’s right, Mister Squirrel!  You eat whatever it is you got there and stay the hell away from my garden!

On a mid-month afternoon adventure, I fell in love with campsite 33 in Battery Provincial Park Campground. I’d recommend it to any camper who is not bothered by lack of privacy. It’s very exposed, but, holy cow, take a look at that ocean view! IMG_1643

On Remembrance Day I took a mini-hike up a big hill. I got to touch a piece of history. Again. I’ve been there about a million times before, but I hadn’t visited the site much recently. This wall is part of the remains of a fortress settlement. IMG_0580

I photographed this light house at least a hundred times this month. It’s been on this blog (from other vantage points) two or three times already.


I took time, more than once in recent weeks, to admire my village’s main street from the across the water. It looks very much like a postcard from this vantage point. IMG_0750

One freezing cold morning, I forced myself to take a walk under the canal bridge. I say “forced” because I really, really, really didn’t want to do it. What I wanted to do was go home, crank the furnace, and make my lunch. I’m glad I did it though. I drive over that bridge every day, but I think had only been down there once or twice before. No trolls! Phew! IMG_1541

On the “street” theme day, I stepped off the road and cut through the trees to see if I could see the bridge from above. Not only could I see the bridge, I got to see a rainbow too! Sweet!


Another time I stepped off the beaten path, I found this geocache. I’m not telling you where it is.


I made at least half a dozen new canine friends in November. These two are pretty awesome! IMG_1637

Near the end of the month Mother Nature really started pissing me off!IMG_3457

I began dressing as if I were on an Arctic expedition. IMG_2963

I felt a little bad for this thorny wild bush when I saw that it was curling up to protect itself from the cold.

On one of my last half-day outings, a clump of moss—so bright it appeared to be glowing—caught my eye from a trail. Beyond the mossy patch, I spotted a concrete slab and a little stream. I thought it might make a nice picture from the other side, so I climbed down the bank to take a look. What I found brought a huge smile to my face. They sure don’t make things like they used to! Culverts included.

For the final photo of this post, I’m going to share one more image that was captured in my bathroom. This one was a reject from the”glass” theme day. I think the candlelight did some really amazing things on my wall and countertop, but I didn’t love the image quality or compositions of the photos I took of this subject, so I used my lantern photo instead.


The photos you just saw capture moments I would never have experienced or, in some cases, would never have appreciated if it weren’t for this challenge. Photography 101 has been a blast! I loved (almost) every minute of it. Now that it’s over I will finally have a bit of time to explore the blogs of all the great people I’ve met during the challenge. See you around!


26 thoughts on “Photo 101—The Stuff You Didn’t See

    • Thanks. I have along standing feud with squirrels. The property “next-door” is a park. People who trap and release them like to take them to the park to run free. They all end up in my garden!

      It really was a good experience getting out and seeing new things. I’m glad you felt the same way about it.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. A very captivating story and accompanying photos of your adventures 😀 I’ve only encountered squirrels once and my can they run. How you manage to catch them in frame i wonder!


    • Thank you!

      Squirrels can run, but they don’t always choose to, and sometimes they choose to run toward me rather than away. They drive me nuts! I know they hate me too. They pick my fruits and veggies and then come sit in front of a window or the door to eat their harvest. It’s like they are deliberately trying to rub it in my face. They aren’t difficult to photograph at all, but I prefer doing with my lens zoomed so that I can stay at a safe distance. I don’t want one jumping on me.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Ahhh……… That’s not very nice of them at all. Thank you for sharing that experience 🙂

        I saw some at a nature reserve park recently and they hurried up the trees at the sight of any human beings. Quite a different setting i suppose.


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