Barnyard Selfie

Can it still be called a “selfie” when another being—a much cuter one, at that— shares the frame?

I visited my uncle’s barn this afternoon. The horses weren’t really in the mood for photos.This one was too busy eating to even bother welcoming me to the pasture. Another one of them fell asleep on me after a few minutes of rubbing his face against my furry hat. I tried to get a selfie of that, but the camera was hanging from my neck at the time. It was a very sweet moment. I wish I could have captured it.

Me_and_HorseBelow is a list of edits I made to this photo using PicMonkey.

  • Cropped to 16×9
  • Added a black and white filter
  • Blurred my face (more than it already was in the original photo) using “airbrush”
  • Added a frost overlay edge (and erased half of it)
  • Added text
  • Added the “photo corners” frame


13 thoughts on “Barnyard Selfie

  1. I would say that it’s absolutely still a seflie when someone else shares the frame, that’s pretty common in selfies. What might make it more questionable is that the “other” is in focus and you are not.

    I think that’s where it gets interesting. Is it still a selfie if the “self” is not the main, or at least equally main” subject? Or will we ultimately define selfie by shooting style more than subject matter – over the shoulder, in the mirror, whatever, even if the shooter is almost or completely out of the picture?

    One reason the question comes to mind is that we’ve been taking pictures of ourselves forever, using a timer, and never called it a “selfie” because the shooting style didn’t reveal it. And, of course, we’ve been shooting selfie-style forever, too, with traditional film cameras and Polaroids, but I don’t think anyone bothered with a term for it then, when sharing wasn’t so easy.

    So, yes, it’s a question worth asking and worth thinking about. I don’t think everything needs to be defined, but then, what if you’re entering a selfie contest or something? And you need to know if it counts.

    Future historians and archaeologists will surely have a field day with this question. 🙂


    • I had two of these shots. In the other one, I was clearly in focus and the horse was slightly blurred. I was more drawn to the one with the horse in focus. For some reason, it seemed more interesting when the photo became more about the horse, so in my edits, I gave the horse even more attention by cropping half my face and adding more blur. It was still documenting my experience with the horse, but it became less about me. I kind of like the “less selfish” version of the slefie. I will probably take more of them.


    • Thanks. I love PicMonkey, but ever since I got the camera I use for this blog, I don’t use it nearly as much. The editor reduces my 20 megapixels to 16, which kind of sucks. Now I only use it for images where the quality wasn’t that great to start with, or for fun stuff I post to facebook.

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      • iPhoto and Photoshop Elements. I’m not in love with iPhoto. It’s just too basic. Photoshop Elements sucks. I had an old version of Photoshop on my last computer (a PC), and when it died, I got an iMac. I was told Photoshop Elements would be “good enough”. I hate it. It’s not user friendly and it doesn’t do nearly as much as my old version of Photoshop did. I may be getting Lightroom soon.

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      • I hear great things about it. I sat down to get info about it last Saturday, got distracted by something and never went back to it. Maybe I’ll get around to checking it out this weekend.


  2. Hi Amy, I use PS though it’s an old version but my son recommends Affinity which has had 5 star reviews.
    Don’t think it will work with the Nik software plugin that I have adopted into my workflow so I’m not sure whether to try it.
    Love this image because it’s a little tantalising!


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