Photo 101 Rehab: Neglect

I’ve been feeling a little lost since Photography 101 wrapped up. Thankfully, I’m not alone. There are others. Spinoff challenges are popping up all over WordPress to cary on the legacy.

One challenge that appealed to me is Photo 101 Rehab by lucile de godoy. The rules are simple. Go over there and check it out!

My first submission to this challenge is a photo I snapped yesterday. This lighthouse was built in 1908, and it was decommissioned around 1970. Several attempts to purchase it were made by members of my family. The government refused to sell it each time. They also, quite obviously, refuse to maintain it.


I used iPhoto to make a few of simple edits.

  • Saturation was adjusted to 0
  • Definition was increased to 26
  • Highlights were adjusted to 78

I don’t understand why the “highlights” and “shadows” sliders are labelled as they are in iPhoto. They seem to do the opposite of what I think they should. Increasing the “highlights” deepens the shadows. If anyone can explain why it’s labelled this way, please let me know.

Don’t forget to go over to the Photo 101 Rehab page to check out the other submissions.


35 thoughts on “Photo 101 Rehab: Neglect

    • It really is a shame. It’s going downhill pretty fast now. It really makes me sad. This lighthouse was in the field next to my grandparents’ house. My Dad tells me that he remembers old Mariah, the lighthouse keeper, walking by with her lantern to light it (before it was converted to electric).

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