The Edge (Revisited)

One of the daily prompts in last month’s Photography 101 challenge was edge. I’m revisiting that theme today for lucile de godoy’s Photo 101 Rehab .

The photo I’m using for this post is one I snapped on the edge theme day of photography 101. I had another photo I liked better, so this one didn’t get published for the challenge.

IMG_3968 5 The photos and description below will show you how I got from my original image to the final product. The collage documenting the editing progress was created with PicMonkey, but the photo editing was done in iPhoto.

My Edits

Planter_CollagePhoto #1: This is the original image. I had lined up the cut edge of the whiskey barrel with the grid on my camera.  It seemed like a good idea at the time, but I was wrong. It looks strange.

Photo #2: I used iPhoto to straighten the image, making the metal band level rather than the sawed off wooden edge.

Photo #3: I adjusted the saturation to 0%, but left the “avoid saturating skin tones” checked, and I increased the definition to 72. I almost stopped my editing there, but decided to take it a bit further.

Photo #4: I unchecked the “avoid saturating skin tones” box, adjusted the exposure to -0.18, increased the contrast to 5, and increased the highlights to 17.

Go on over to the Photo 101 Rehab clinic to check out submissions from other patients, or to admit yourself to the treatment program.


18 thoughts on “The Edge (Revisited)

  1. Hi Amy, Thanks for the explanations on your edit. I didn’t think of transferring photos to my iPad.As I write this my iPad is transferring the photos. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to check it out during the holidays. Have a good New Year. ~Julia

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