I know this may sound bizarre, but last month during Photography 101, I had four photo sessions in my bathroom. The room has no natural light, but thanks to all the shiny reflective surfaces, I can do magical things in there with artificial light sources. I love playing around with my camera the bathroom!  For today’s Photo 101 Rehab hosted by lucile de godoy, I returned to the water closet.

I wanted to add some glitz and glamour to my  tiny  Eiffel Tower with the bokeh effect. It only took a minute or two of playing around with different shooting angles to create the look I was aiming for.


In case you’re wondering, my miniature is 3 1/2 ” tall.

There was very little editing done to this photo. I did a wee bit of cropping, and I adjusted the definition a tiny bit to help correct the blurriness of the tower on the bottom left corner of the image. I didn’t want to overdo it with the correction, because the adjustment was also altering my bokeh effect.


34 thoughts on “Glitz

    • I guess it depends on how it’s used. There is the odd time I don’t like it, but most of the time I love it. It might just be a trendy thing right now, but I love the blingy look it gives.


  1. It’s a beautiful shot! Could never achieve that in our bathroom! I like bokeh, and I think it’s trendy.

    I remember when I was new to all this, and wanted to know how to get this, what they’ve named «bokeh». It was before I took the camera course. Decided to ask a photographer friend [who also happens to be a fellow countryman of mine], thinking perhaps it would be easier to have it explained to me in my native tongue. Not so! 🙂 He could just as well have written to me in Greek or something. Talked about stuff like «depth of field», which I knew nothing about at the time. Besides, I only had a P&S camera …


  2. Thanks, Rebekah! It sounds a lot more difficult than it actually is. I can understand how the technical explanation would be confusing. I don’t think I fully understand it myself, but yet, I’ve figured out how to do it. 😀


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