Fraunhofer Diffraction

Last night, I thought it would be fun to try capture Fraunhofer diffraction for today’s contribution to Lucile’s Photo 101 Rehab. This time of year is a great time to experiment with this technique. There are lights everywhere! By the way, this is my very first photo captured with a manual setting.

IMG_5104 2

Why does the house always look messier in photos? I cropped out all the distractions I could, unfortunately, I couldn’t crop out the photo frame on the wall behind the tree, the wind chimes hanging from the end of the curtain rod, and that little chunk of table in the bottom corner.I may have to pull all the furniture and accessories out of the room and try this again sometime. 

ISO 500, 22mm, -1.3EV, f/22, 6.0. The only editing done to this photo was cropping.


13 thoughts on “Fraunhofer Diffraction

  1. Hi Amy, just letting you know that I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award. I love your blog and the photographs you take! You can find out how to get the award by going to mine at There are questions to answer and other blogs to nominate. Click on the award logo on my page and copy the URL, then you can put it in your award response and as an image in a widget. 😀

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  2. Thanks so much. I just left a comment on your post. I’m in a room full of people right now trying not to be seen checking messages. I’ll check it out when I can read distraction free. 😀


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