B&W Challenge—Day 1

I’ve been nominated by Lisa over at graydaysandcoffee to take part in the 5 day black and white photography challenge that is making the rounds on WordPress. I’ve really been enjoying the photos posted by other participants, and I’m super excited that I was asked to join in on the fun. The rules are to post a b&w photo every day for 5 days, and then to nominate someone new each day. I have completely lost track of who has and who hasn’t taken part, so I have no clue who I want to nominate. If you’re reading this and you have not yet done it, consider yourself nominated. If you decide to take part, let me know and I will add a link to your blog at the end of my post.

Anybody else out there ever think it would be a good idea to take photos at the mall 5 days before Christmas? No? I didn’t think so. It might possibly have been the stupidest idea I’ve had all year.

LaSenza_Display (1 of 1)I wonder if metal bra and thong sets are big sellers this holiday season? It sure was pretty, but…

Before I sign off, I want to remind you to head on over to Lucile’s Photo 101 Rehab to check out all the fantastic photos that have been submitted to her “clinic”.


19 thoughts on “B&W Challenge—Day 1

    • I saw your pingback earlier. I’m working on my second post now. You’ll be mentioned in it. I’m still trying to decide if I’m going to do once or twice. I’m leaning toward twice, but that could change.


    • Ouch. I thought it would have been painful enough as it was. I didn’t mention, all those little pieces of metal seem to be somehow hinged together to make it really flexible, which makes me think there’s a lot of opportunity to get pinched.

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      • Ah yes but i think the person who might buy it might enjoy that hehe. Oh btw i tried pic monkey for the bokeh like you kindly suggested. It looks lovely the only thing is when i try to remove like you said or clear certain areas of it it seemed to blur it did you find this? Ps Happy Christmas to you and all those near and dear xx


      • I didn’t find that with the PicMonkey erase effect tool, but I have noticed recently that the overall clarity of the photos seems to be lower when working on them than it is after it’s saved. This is something I’ve only noticed in the last few weeks. It could be a bug. Merry Christmas to you and your family too. 🙂

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      • I really love Lightroom. I’ve been shooting my images in RAW format since I started using Lightroom. It’s very user friendly. I haven’t really gotten into the filing (although I did watch tutorials on it). I’m only importing the photos I’m editing, not all the photos on my memory card or computer, so there won’t be a big mess of files to clean up when I’m ready to start playing with it.

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      • I am not sure that my bridge can photograph in raw, but yes i am only importing what i am using but have still managed to delete originals and end up exporting back out to my computer edited images in to another year group of photos lolol…i think i need to study it more before my trial runs out. Do you use another editor apart from picmonkey with it, or photoshop? x


      • I’ve only been using Lightroom since I got the free trial. (Except for the boarders that I put around my “feature images”. I use PicMonkey’s museum mat frame for my feature images).


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