B&W Challenge—Day 2

This store display almost made me want to find a fancy event to go to on New Year’s Eve. Notice the emphasis on the word “almost”? That’s because I have a real problem with random drunk acquaintances (and total strangers) trying to grope and kiss me at midnight. How on earth did that practice ever become standard NYE behavior? Why aren’t there stories on the New Year’s day news reporting ridiculously high numbers of men admitted to the ER with stiletto heals imbedded in their balls?

Party Shoes (1 of 1)

I’ve been nominated by Lisa over at graydaysandcoffee to take part in the 5 day black and white photography challenge that is making the rounds on WordPress. I’ve really been enjoying the photos posted by other participants, and I’m super excited that I was asked to join in on the fun. The rules are to post a b&w photo every day for 5 days, and then to nominate someone new each day. I have completely lost track of who has and who hasn’t taken part, so I have no clue who I want to nominate. If you’re reading this and you have not yet done it, consider yourself nominated. If you decide to take part, let me know and I will add a link to your blog at the end of my post.

I had a second nomination for this challenge today. This time it came from from Lucile. Because I’m really having fun desaturating images, I’ve decided to carry on posting them for 5 extra days. I will then submit those photos to Lucile’s Photo 101 Rehab page.


8 thoughts on “B&W Challenge—Day 2

  1. Maybe try these with the metal mesh bikini for a real NYE statement! And I’m with you on the unappealing nature of most NYE events, although I have not had occasion to send anyone to the ER!


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