Another Shop Window

Yesterday was the last day of my first black & white challenge. I was nominated to do it twice. My second nomination came from Lucile. I’ve decided to continue the monochrome postings for another 5 days, but I’m going to do things differently this time. I will be breaking most of the rules of the challenge. I’m not even going to follow the strictly black and white format. My photos have already been chosen for the first 3 days, but as of right now, not even I know what direction I’m going to go with this on days 4 and 5.

Today’s photo is one I shot for the black and white challenge, but I didn’t use it because I liked the colour version so much better.

store window colour (1 of 1)store window (1 of 1)

It was the letter “B” and the Christmas trees that drew me to this display. I thought those elements would look neat in black & white: however, when I compared the two images, I had a strong preference for the colour. I really like how the the warm lighting, warm colours, and the bulky warm clothing contrast with harsh cool lighting in the centre of the store. Yin and yang. It very much mirrors the brutal cold of the season, and the things we humans do to make ourselves feel warm. That contrasty element was completely lost when the image was desaturated. What are your thoughts on this? Do you prefer one image over the other? If so, why?

I’m submitting this post to Lucile’s Photo 101 Rehab page. Her clinic is on only open for another week or so, so head on over there and check out all the wonderful photo submissions.


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