Fence Post

Man, it’s cold outside! Even though I was bundled up in my winter attire, I didn’t want to venture very far away from the comfort of my house to get today’s photo. I ran out, took 4 quick shots, and ran back in. I’ve been back inside for a while now—long enough to time to upload this image to my iMac and to desaturate it in Lightroom— and I’m still chilled to the bone.

The neighbours' fence post.

The neighbours’ fence post.


I’m submitting this post to Lucile’s Photo 101 Rehab page. She nominated me to do the 5 day black & white challenge, but I had already been nominated. I told her that I after I completed my black & white challenge I would continue to post some version of black & white photos for 5 days and link it to her site.  Her “ rehab clinic” is on only open for a few more days, so head on over there and check out all the wonderful photo submissions.


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