Inventory Day

It’s December 31st. It’s also year-end inventory day in my shop. That’s where I will be for the remaining hours of 2014. Right now, I’m taking a brief break from counting thread (and loads of other stuff) to get this post up. I’m quite ashamed that this is the best I could come up with for the last day of Lucile’s Photo 101 Rehab clinic (and the last day of my second black & white challenge). I resolve to do better in 2015. Happy New Year, everyone!

Thread 2 (1 of 1)I used the brush tool in Lightroom to desaturate all areas except for the red label on the display rack.


14 thoughts on “Inventory Day

  1. I love the various shades of gray made by the spools of thread. I always like the idea of taking something that might lend itself to color treatment and doing it in black and white or vice versa.

    (Still must confess a slight curiosity about the colors, though.)

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    • I found it to be a much too “busy” photo before the colour was removed. This is something I find frequently with photos. I look at that rack every day, and it doesn’t look that “busy” in person. There is a good range of colour in there. I have enough colours for all of my sewing projects.

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