I captured this image a few weeks ago while on vacation in the tropics through grease smeared glass at the pet store.

FishIn an effort to conceal the fingerprint smears that were covering every square inch of the aquarium glass, I used multiple PicMonkey filters. It did a decent job hiding the streaky mess, but I did lose some of my image sharpness. Overall, I’m happy with the changes. It almost looks as if it was taken on the ocean floor.

This post is in response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge. The theme this week is depth. I also submitted this post from my other blog.



67 thoughts on “Depth

    • Thanks! I’m flattered. 😀 I’ve already been nominated for the Liebster award twice on this blog and decided against it because it doesn’t fit into my content structure of this blog. However, I now have a second blog where I’ve given myself more flexibility to post random things. I’ll consider doing it over there if that’s okay. It might be a while before I get to it though. I’ve got two different award nominations I still haven’t gotten around to accepting.

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  1. Amy, you just prove each time that the most important is not the technique, the lens, etc. You have the eye to interpret beauty and the creativity to transform an image. You are a wizard with editing. Lightroom is over, isn’t it? My trial also ended.

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    • Thank you, Lucile. That’s such a wonderful complement. I appreciate it. Yes, my Lightroom trial is over. I will be buying it, but I’m going to wait a bit because I haven’t been out taking many photos. The weather has been downright atrocious. I’m risking life and limb (and my camera) every time I step outside.

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      • You’re welcome, Amy. You deserve it.
        I am now using my husband’s trial which he started yesterday. We’re waiting for the launch of the new version before getting the license. Reading your description, you’re right to stay inside. How about your photo experiments at your home studio in the bathroom?
        Take good care!


      • Haha. I might have do do another photo session in the bathroom if the weather doesn’t soon change. Do you know if you can buy Lightroom without the cloud? All I see is the monthly/yearly payment option on the website.

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  2. Thanks for dropping by my blog, Amy – glad you like it. Glad also it gives me a chance to discover yours. I’m still learning about photography too, but I think you can teach me a lot! Will definitely be visiting to pick up some hints (and to gaze at those beautiful pics).


    • Thanks so much for the nomination. I’m always flattered to get them. I decided a couple months ago that I would not be accepting awards on this blog because they don’t fit in with my content. I created a new blog recently, and I was thinking about transferring all my award nominations (there’s 9 now) to that blog. I decided yesterday that I’m not going to be doing that either. I feel like I’m being a bit of a party-pooper and that I’m acting ungrateful about the whole thing, but I’m just not up for putting award posts on my blog. I like the idea behind what they are meant to be, but I really don’t care for the chain letter format. I do appreciate the nomination though. Thanks again for thinking of me. 🙂

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    • I’m still posting here, but I haven’t been able to get out with my camera in weeks. It’s too dangerous to walk outside. It’s extremely icy. Even on the sidewalks. The other blog is Hopefully the ice will melt soon. I think it will be going up to -6 today. It’s a start.

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      • Yes, I work from home. I haven’t had many customers come in lately. Nobody in their right mind wants to be out and about unless they have to. I think that’s a big part of why I’m feeling so exhausted. I’m not getting any exercise, sunlight, or fresh air.

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      • hah yes sounds like it. That is really hard work the being cooped up and no sunlight, there are those lamps one can get. now dare I mention meditation and a chi machine, that sorts me out no end hehe x


      • I’m into that woo woo stuff. I meditate. I feng shui to keep the energy flowing. 😉 The more time I spend stuck in the house, the more seriously I think about getting one of those lamps. For now, I’m popping vitamin D pills.


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