Happy Valentine’s Day!

I hope you’re having a fabulous Valentine’s Day! It’s early, but so far, I’m having a lovely day. My cat (Moe) is being very generous with his snuggles this morning. I couldn’t be happier.

To celebrate this day dedicated to love, I bought myself a gift—a one year licence to Lightroom and Photoshop! My free trial of Lightroom ran out a few weeks ago, and I’ve been completely lost without it.  Valentine_Mantle (1 of 1)When I visited my aunt and uncle on Thursday, they had their living room all decked out for Valentine’s day. This was part of the display above their fireplace mantle. I couldn’t resist snapping a photo.

When I got home, I uploaded my photos from the afternoon to my iMac. The first thing that popped in my head when I saw the unedited version of this photo was, “Oh, man! I wish I had Lightroom!” If ever there was a photo that needed the Lens Correction/Enable Profile Corrections feature, it was this one. My horizontal lines were level, but my vertical lines were all over the place. The pine boards appeared to be slanting toward the centre near the top of the photo, and the tilted illusion was more pronounced on the left side of the image than it was on the right. I NEEDED Lightroom to fix it. It drove me nuts. As you can see, it’s fixed now. All is right with the world again. This was the best Valentine’s Day gift I ever bought myself!

I hope your day is filled with love (and perhaps Lightroom too). Happy Valentine’s day everyone!

If you’d like a little more Valentine’s day love, hop on over to my other blog. There’s a purr-fect Valentine’s day photo over there on today’s post.

Have you visited or taken part in Lucile’s Photo 101 Rehab yet? The clinic is overflowing with fantastic images by people who love photography. Check it out! 


30 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. Hi Amy! Happy Valentine’s to you!
    And congratulations on your new acquisition! Great gift!
    I’m still using a trial version of my husband but set to give me the same gift next month.
    Great photo! Thanks for being a fantastic member of the The Photo Rehab Clinic!
    Have a wonderful day.

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  2. The drive on MacBook died last week and have yet to have time to grab a new one. I can feel your pain — trying to manage any photos on my desktop when both Photoshop and Lightroom were on the laptop is torturous. We all deserve to treat ourselves, my Christmas present to myself was a new F/2.8 lens. After all, if we don’t, who will? Thank for mentioning the YouTube videos, as I will be off to check them out as soon as I hit send.

    PS – Thanks for visiting my Semmetry photo. 🙂


  3. I don’t know much about photography, I’m just an ordinary viewer of yours. But I know I sincerely love that photo. Whatever Lightroom is and however different it is from Photoshop, I’m loving what you’re doing with it! Keep ’em coming. 🙂


    • Aww, thanks. Lightroom is another program made by Adobe (the creator of Photoshop). It can be used with Photoshop or as a standalone editor. I really love it. Unlike Photoshop, it’s fairly easy to use.


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