It’s Still Snowing!

This photo was taken the day before yesterday. When I woke up this morning, it looked very much the same. I know, snow can be pretty, but I’ve really had enough of the white stuff. Would you believe my raised vegetable beds are on the lawn in front of that little cottage? I wonder when I’ll see them again?

Cottage_in_the_snow (1 of 1)-2I used Lightroom to edit this photo. I wanted a muted vintage look, so I played with the saturation levels and the temperature until I found something I liked.


28 thoughts on “It’s Still Snowing!

  1. Wish I had some snow. There’s only 2 kinds of weather here in Singapore. Hot and humid, and hot wet and very humid. Sometimes I just open the fridge door and stand there for a bit just to find some relief from the heat.


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