(Not) Always Fresh

 Always fresh. Any Canadian who isn’t living under a rock can tell you that those words are the slogan of the Tim Hortons franchise. Their coffee shops are absolutely everywhere from coast to coast. In fact, I can think of only one thing more prevalent here than Tim Horton’s coffee shops. That thing would be Tim Hortons branded litter.

not-always-fresh (1 of 1)I had been struggling for a few days to come up with something for this week’s Daily Post photo challenge.

“For this week’s photo challenge, share with us a photo that expresses something fresh.”

I went on a short road-trip today, and not long after setting out on the highway, a Tim Hortons take-away mug blew across the road in front of me. I knew right then and there that my submission was going to be Tim Hortons always fresh litter. I didn’t feel the need to stop the car and shoot that particular cup—I knew I’d see plenty others before the day was over. Just as I had predicted, the very first time I got out of the car, there were 3 Tim Hortons paper coffee cups at my feet. This one just happened to have the always fresh slogan facing up.


27 thoughts on “(Not) Always Fresh

    • Thanks! Have you ever been to a Tim Hortons? I saw on one of your posts that you’ve been to Alberta. I hope you didn’t get one there. I swear the the worst coffee in Canada comes from the Rockies. I think its a combination of the altitude and the minerals in the water. I lived there for almost 3 years. Couldn’t get a decent cup of coffee anywhere.


  1. When we were touring the south-eastern provinces of Canada in 2001, my father-in-law almost missed a ferry because he disappeared. It turned out he had spotted a Tim Horton’s and had sloped off to go and buy some of their scones. I have never been in one but the name stuck in my mind because of that incident. I had not appreciated how ubiquitous they were.

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    • Normally, I would have picked it up, but it was on Tim Hortons property. Let them do it! I wasn’t planning on going to Tim’s, but when I arrived in town, I called my aunt to see where she wanted to meet before I went to my appointment. She chose Tim Hortons because it was close to where I was going, and because it has a parking lot (there is a street parking ban until the town can get rid of the mess of snow).

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  2. We had 19, in this little city, last time I counted them. You know, I lived in QC the first five years, when I came to Canada. I had no feeling that they were as prevalent there. When we came here, I was struck by the fact that they’re in every street corner … and even more struck by the litter. It’s a damned shame.

    Not a huge fan of the coffee, so I never go there. We have four [will be three when Target closes for good] Starbucks.

    Great idea for the Fresh challenge.


  3. I have no idea about Tim Hortons, I assume it’s a fancy Starbucks, but I love your take on the challenge. I’ve actually started collecting discarded coffee cups (and beer bottles) and always bring them to Justine’s Tea Party, much to her dismay 😉

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    • Ha. I doubt Justine is dismayed by that. I think she’s up for anything. 🙂 Tim Hortons is not at all fancy. It’s your standard donut/coffee shop franchise. It’s funny you say that you’ve started collecting discard coffee cups. I’ve been trying to decide on something that was going to be my thing. I see others that do doors, or barns, or flowers… I was sort of leaning toward signs with missing letters, or Tim Hortons litter. I think I’ll keep thinking about it for a while.


      • Oh welcome to the club of grunge and litter lovers! I’ve spent a lot of time deciding what my thing is too, but at the end it somehow naturally transpired that I would do urban decay mostly… I like to find something interesting, even beautiful, in ugly things. Signs are a great choice I think, I don’t remember seeing this niche around much! Looking forward to whatever you choose to shoot 🙂


      • I do love your urban decay. There is indeed something oddly satisfying in finding beauty in the ugly. It’s odd that we both think this way, especially since you and I are also both obsessed with neatness and order. Could we be searching for order in disorder?

        My thing has always been flowers and insects, but I shoot them all in my yard. I’m looking for a challenge that will get me out more. I’d like to find something that is a bit out of the norm. I’m sure if I just keep snapping, I’ll find my thing. 🙂


  4. Hi Amy, Followed you back from Rebekah’s blog and have really been enjoying your photos (especially the colours in your iceberg wall: )
    Couldn’t help but laugh when I saw your photo of “Always Fresh” Tim Horton’s Garbage; )
    Apparently this problem is a cross-country epidemic?
    Y’know, this is something I truly don’t understand… Why is it that T. Horton’s drinkers feel the roadside is their personal garbage can?
    Not the way I was taught to treat the land I love…
    Meanwhile, thanks for sharing your wicked-sharp sense of humour; )

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    • Welcome! 🙂 Yes, Tim Hortons garbage is a national problem. 😦 Since I posted that photo, I’ve been noticing even more of it than I did before (I didn’t think that was even possible).


  5. Honestly? I think they should be ashamed of – and take responsibility for – the mess their customers spread around. Thank you for taking and publishing this photo.

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  6. How funny, and yet sad at the same time! Where I live, it’s Starbucks shops that pop up like mushrooms everywhere; and General Dollar Stores — I can hardly drive five miles without seeing one of their bright yellow signs. Thankfully, I don’t see their trash everywhere; that task is left to the hundreds of Walmart-sack-tumbleweeds that blow by daily. Lol.


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