Shooting in Sports Mode

I’ve been wanting to take a photo of the blue ice wall on the Canso Causeway all winter long. I managed to get this shot yesterday.

canso-causeway (1 of 1)

(Auto Setting) 1/500 sec at f/ 6.3, ISO 100, 18mm

The Canso Causeway is the only link between mainland Nova Scotia and Cape Breton Island. It’s a fairly busy two lane highway with a speed limit of 70km/h. Unless you are going to the weigh station for transport trucks, there is nowhere to pull over. If I was going to get my shot, it had to be through the passenger side window while traveling toward the island.

I decided to use a full auto setting on my Canon 70D to capture this image. As we were approaching the causeway, I set the mode dial to SCN (special scene mode). Using the LCD touch menu I selected the sports mode. I figured this would be my best chance at capturing a clear image while moving at the posted speed limit. There’s some noticeable motion blur on the guard rail wire and on the first post in the lower right hand corner, but overall, I’m pretty impressed with the clarity of the image, given the circumstances.

For my edits, I used Lightroom. As I do with all of my RAW images, I adjusted the highlights, shadows, whites, and blacks. I then increased the vibrancy a bit to enhance the aqua ice. I brought down the exposure of the snow a little, although, I’m not sure it was even necessary. The one thing I did that I don’t typically do in my edits was use a graduated filter on the sky. The sky was very boring in my original shot. It needed a boost.

I’m submitting this post to Lucile’s Photo 101 Rehab. Head on over and check out the latest submissions, or check yourself into her clinic.


21 thoughts on “Shooting in Sports Mode

  1. It is a stunning photo, Amy! So beautiful. One cannot notice you made it while moving. The post processing is also perfect. How’s your relationship with LR going on? 😉 I’m still learning.
    It was worth waiting for it, isn’t it?

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  2. Very nice work Amyu! +I love composition (thirds are very nice in vertical and horizontal) and colors!! In some weeks you will try in manual mode! I think you have the sense of photography in you 🙂 Have a good continuation exploring your or yours cameras


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