Now that the snow has finally started to melt, the junk around my father’s garage is starting to reappear. I thought some of it would make interesting subjects for grungy black and white photos, however, when uploaded the files to my iMac, I was surprised to discover that I prefer the colour images. I’m sharing both versions each of each photo so that you can see the difference.

Broken lamppost—colour

Broken lamppost—colour

Broken lamppost—B&W

Broken lamppost—B&W


Washer Tub colour (1 of 1)

Front-load washer tub—colour

Washer Tub bw (1 of 1)

Front-load washer tub—B&W


Wires (1 of 1)

Dishwasher wires—colour

Wires BW (1 of 1)

Dishwasher wires-B&W

I didn’t do anything to develop my skills today. When I turned on the camera, I had a low battery warning. I was more than a little bummed that I forgot to charge it.  I ended up using an auto setting to get a few really quick shots before coming back inside.

Do you prefer the colour shots, or the monochrome ones? Let me know in the comments below.


33 thoughts on “Junk

  1. I love the B&W version of the first photo — it looks almost like a prop from an old (pre-color) movie. The rust on the wash tub is fabulous, so I like that one in color. And the dishwasher wires? What’s more fun than colored spaghetti? 😉 Great job. Salud!

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  2. It’s a close run thing on the first photo but I agree with Dancing Echoes re texture and shape. Definitely prefer colour for the other two. Who knew that dishwashers were so colourful!


  3. I too like the color best, your right in that something gets lost in the transition to b&w. My fave is the washer tub. I love the texture the holes give to the picture. Great post!


  4. Hello Amy, I’m usually a fan of black and white photography but I definitely prefer the colour versions of your shots. They a warmth and greater depth to them. Also, the wires don’t really work in B&W because it’s their colours which make them so interesting. Really interesting shots. It’s good the way photography can make everyday items something extra-ordinary.


  5. I go for colors except for the first one, which is much more beautiful in monochrome. The second one in BW misses the nice touch of the oxidation. The third’s beauty is the diverse colors.
    Just my humble opinion…

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