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I felt a wee bit awkward shooting this. I was crouched down in the grass, behind a tree, wearing a bright orange jacket while two police officers watched. Oh, the things I’m willing do for a mundane photo…

1/250sec, f/5.6, ISO 640, 135mm

1/250sec, f/5.6, ISO 640, 135mm

If you don’t know what this is, it’s a power pole guy-wire. It’s my submission to this week’s Just Thursday Blog Hop hosted by Rebekah, Nuvofelt and Mara. Each week, they invite their readers to join them in celebrating the mundane. The idea is to focus on something that is ordinary for you but might not be so ordinary for others.

Last week, in this Just Thursday Blog Hop post, Mara announced that she was making things more challenging for herself by posting a photo snapped with her phone every day. Go, Mara!

Mara’s post motivated me to get started on my own daily photography project. A daily photo journal is something I’ve been considering for a while. I really want to get in the practice of using my camera every single day. I probably won’t post every day though. I shoot in RAW (with my Canon 70D) and I develop all my photos in Lightroom. It might make more sense for me to edit and post my daily photos in batches once or twice a week.

I haven’t yet decided what website I want to use for my endeavour. I know for certain that I don’t want to use this blog—I’d eat up all my free storage space in no time. I’ve considered creating a Facebook (fan) page for it, but I’m not in love with that idea. Right now, I’m seriously considering using a site I discovered on the weekend while searching the net for options— 365project(dot)org. If you use that site, please let me know what you think of it in the comments below, or if you can recommend another free site for this purpose let me know. I should probably mention, before someone recommends Instagram, I don’t have a device compatible with the app—I can’t set up an account.


27 thoughts on “Just Thursday Blog Hop

    • I had a flickr account that I abandoned years ago because there was a very small upload limit/month. I just did a little investigating and learned that they no longer do that. So, I then tried to log into my account. The short version of a very long story…they won’t let me sign into my account. I created a new one. I’m going to test it out with my next few blog posts. Thanks for your suggestion. I think this may work better than the site I was considering.

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      • Possibly there is a way but I don’t know how (my computer skills are basic) so I embed the images within the body of my text and then I think it defaults to the first image being the one that is “featured”. It is a compromise I am willing to make in order to save space.


  1. I tried project365 on their website but I couldn’t post daily and I lost interest. I kind of (a long time later) replaced that with this blog and couldn’t be happier. However, as Laura says, I’m rapidly running out of space here so I might have to investigate something else…


    • That storage space limit has been affecting my blogging habits ever since I realized it was going to be a problem. I now try and limit myself to one or two photos per post on this blog. On my other blog, I reduce the file size and I don’t include photos with every post. Flickr does look like a good option.

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  2. I shoot in Raw and use Lightroom to process too. Are you resizing and converting to jpeg before uploading? I’ve been blogging for over a year, almost 250 posts and over 500 images and I’m only at 13% of the free space limit.


    • I’m converting to jpeg, but not resizing for this blog. I am resizing for my other blog. I’m at 17% of my storage space on this blog after 7 months of blogging. What I think I’m going to do from now on is reduce the size for my feature images, and embed all the other images from flickr.

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  3. Whew, I missed a lot while I was away! This is the best news, I’m maybe even more excited than you that I sort of inspired you to start your very own 365 project! Flickr is sound for your purpose, good decision to set up a new account! (And I do feel your pain in trying to recover an old account, I was in a similar position once and it was incredibly difficult to deal with.)

    I was considering starting my 365 project on one of the sites set up for this purpose, though not the one that you link to. What discouraged me was the amount of rules – they required you to post daily and to post only a photo that you took that particular time. They apparently checked date/time stamps and also excluded some types of photos, including screenshots. I think it’s best to it the way you want.

    I was also thinking of posting photos in batches, but then decided that for my phoneography 365, it would defeat the purpose. What doesn’t work for me might just as well work for you though! I’m now following both your blogs and your Flickr account and I’m looking forward very much to your work! Also, sorry for this long and self-centred comment :-O


    • It was more than just a pain in the arse to recover my flickr account… according to their “rules”, it was impossible for me to recover it. They didn’t want to let me in because it had been years since I last logged in and I was using a different device. The device I last signed in on has been in the electronics graveyard for two years. My other option was to enter a coded delivered to my Yahoo address. I hadn’t used my yahoo address since I created my old flickr account, so I wasn’t allowed access to that either. It’s all good though. I’m happy to start fresh with my new account. 🙂 I saw that you followed me there. I followed you back.

      For my 365 project, I will be taking photos daily, editing and uploading to flickr as often as possible, and posting them once a week to this blog. I started on Friday, so I will be posting photos from Friday to Thursday here every Sunday.

      BTW, your comment wasn’t at all self-centred, or unnecessarily long. It was totally relivant to the conversation.


      • It was not that much Flickr as Yahoo that bothered me when I was trying to use an old Flickr account. In any case, now I have more reason to use Flickr more often than I do, and I’ll be tuned in on Sunday for a batch of your photos! ❤

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