Project 365—Week 1

I did it! I started my project 365! Thanks to everyone who offered helpful advice as to where (and where not) to upload my daily photos. I chose to use flickr.

Week 1 (May 29th-June4th)

ant on leaf

Day 1—ant on a leaf



day 2—ouch


cherry blossoms

day 3—cherry blossoms



day 4—piano


car radio

day 5—car radio


salt and pepper

day 6—salt and pepper


oil can

day 7—oil can

You can find all my project 365 photos here in my project 365 flickr album.



19 thoughts on “Project 365—Week 1

  1. Well, this gallery takes the 365 project to a wholly new level. I always thought of 365 as a challenge in taking snaps – not the technically excellent photos that you present here… I love it very much and wish you the persistence to go on with the project!


    • Thank you, Mara. I have a feeling that this project will either rapidly go down hill in quality, or it will make me a much better photographer. It takes a good chunk of time out of my day because I snap dozens of photos of the same thing with different camera settings and different perspectives, then spend forever trying to decide which one I like best…and of course there’s the time I spend editing my RAW files too.

      Thanks again for inspiring me to start. I think this will be good for me. 🙂


    • Thanks! I think this is something I will be able to stick to. I’m only forcing myself to take photos everyday. I’m not committing to editing and uploading daily. That should help to make it more doable. We had 7 1/2 days of rain (and occasional ice pellets) last week. Finding indoor stuff to shoot in poor lighting conditions was difficult, but I managed. I made use of the “bathroom studio” again. lol

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