Man, was I ever happy to see the sun yesterday after all the crappy weather we’ve been having. Eager to get outside, I grabbed my camera and headed to the St. Peter’s canal. It was the perfect day to capture something vivid for this week’s Daily Post photo challenge.

“The theme for this week’s photo challenge is “Vivid.” Perhaps it’s your favorite flower in full bloom, a beautiful sunset or the color of your ice cream. Vivid is limited only by your imagination. Have fun with the challenge!”


1/125 sec, f/8.0, ISO 100, 50mm

When I took this photo, and when I first saw it on my iMac, it didn’t strike me as vivid at all, but upon closer inspection, I realized that a tight crop on the semi-shaded lower left corner of the image would give me the colour punch I was aiming for.

I’m kicking myself for only taking one shot of this boat. The subject didn’t excite me in the moment, so I moved on. If I had played around just a little bit more, I might have been able to get a nicer composition. Ugh! Live and learn.




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