Project 365—Week 3

It’s time for another project 365 update. My biggest challenge this week was wind. If my subject wasn’t blowing around, the camera was.

Week 3 (June 12th – June 18th)

wood chipper

day 15—wood chipper



day 16—watch



day 17—nasturtium



day 18—nozzle



day 19—jugs



day 20—rhododendron


baby spiders

day 21—baby spiders

You can find all my project 365 photos here in my project 365 flickr album.



10 thoughts on “Project 365—Week 3

      • Oh, I’m terribly backed up on blog reading and commenting – my apologies if I’ve not been as active in complimenting your photos, which I love. Today’s favorite is the one of the jugs, but they are all great!


      • I’m terribly behind too. I’ve got so much on the go (good things) that my WordPress time has been sacrificed. I try to read and respond to comments when I go to bed, but the last few days I’ve been so worn out, I just want to go right to sleep. I think a lot of us fall behind in summer. Don’t stress about it. I’m not.

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