Project 365—Week 10

This week, my theme is six days of work and one day of rest. Why? I’ve been spending tonnes of time at work, and not much time anywhere else. It made things easier for me.

Week 10 (July 31st -August 6th)

thimble needle thread

day 64—thimble needle thread


reading glasses

day 65—reading glasses


sunday sunset

day 66—sunday sunset


measuring tape

day 67—measuring tape



day 68—choices



day 69—singer



day 70—metric

You can find all my project 365 photos here in my project 365 flickr album.


13 thoughts on “Project 365—Week 10

    • Yes it does. However, the light is not good for photographs. The time I saved by shooting at work was lost in editing white balance, exposure, conerast and saturation. I still have a heavy workload, but I won’t be shooting in my shop again this week.

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  1. OK, so just a thought. These photos all seem very serene, but you talk about being crazy busy while at work. Maybe in a future week, you could do photos that capture the crazy end of things? I guess I was just struck by how calm the images seem to be. I like them a lot.


    • If you were to walk into my workspace at any given time you would see sereneness, and either perfect order, or near perfect order. The craziness can’t be photographed. The “crazy” is the mind boggling amount of orders I have to fill, and the constant interruptions that are keeping me from getting orders finished in a timely manner. The photos in this post were all taken either as I was packing up to go home, or when I would come back to work after hours to play catch-up. The camera did not come out of the bag while I was actually trying to get stuff done.


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