Monochromatic (?)

Yes, I’ve been playing around with my camera in the bathroom again. For this shot, I used crumpled aluminum foil and a flash to get the bokeh spotted background I was trying to achieve.


For The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge. The prompt was “monochromatic.

This week, share with us your monochromatic images. Be calculating and creative in choosing your subject and focal point; resist the urge to simply take a photo of something with a single color range.


39 thoughts on “Monochromatic (?)

    • Thanks! It was one I snapped for my project 365. I do a weekly theme. This week, I’m shooting glass and going for a bit of an abstract feel. I thought this one fit well for the daily post challenge so I submitted it.


  1. I am usually shocked when I hear from a photographer because I use a Casio and no lights! I am equally amazed when a food blogger visits. I guess everyone needs to stretch their money! Thanks for liking my post, “What I Do When I Am Not Writing.” I would love to collaborate with you.


  2. Gorgeous colour and an elegant abstract. Very much a purist approach. Making pictures, not just taking them……active, not just passive. Quite rare in photography, and a completely different way of thinking…..which has made me think. Whether that will lead me to ‘doing’…..remains to be seen.
    Thanks Amy!


    • Thanks! What a lovely comment. 🙂 It really was fun to experiment with this one. I had an idea of what I was trying to achieve, but the final result surpassed my expectation. I like to tell people that, “my camera always lies”. It was very true in this case. I love when that happens.

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