I’m almost certain that this is the first portrait (other than my selfies) on this blog. Photographing people is just not my thing. I’m not sure why, but I’m really uncomfortable shooting humans. Am I alone in this, or does anyone else out there feel the same way?

IRowie bw

I snapped this photo of Rowie on the day of her high school prom, way back in June. It’s just been sitting in a file on my computer ever since. I didn’t want to share it online without her permission, and, until this week, I kept forgetting to ask her if she was “cool” with it.


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  1. It’s a beautiful portrait. I’m sure Rowie must have been very happy with it. Wishing you the happiest of New Years and all the best for 2016. Thanks for all your support during 2015; so very much appreciated. 🙂


      • I feel tremendous pressure and fear that I won’t do a good enough job and will disappoint them. I haven’t talked about it much on my blog yet, but I also have developed a level of social anxiety that has had to be treated in the past 6 months. I’m doing better…we’re getting to the bottom of things, but it’s been pretty paralyzing. So, just being around people is hard enough, but to then have to have the pressure of photographing them is just too much for me. It’s different with my family, and a few of my close friends, but beyond them, I can’t venture. How about you?


      • I shared my reason in an earlier reply to lexklein, but I’ll share it again here and elaborate a bit on it. I hate being photographed. Really, really, really hate it. I always have, but now it’s so much worse because I can’t go anywhere without having someone point a friggin’ camera at me, and everything gets posted on the internet without any consideration of how good or bad the photo turns out. I think I’m projecting my discomfort about being photographed onto my subject(s). I feel guilty (maybe that’s not the right word) for crossing a boundry I don’t want crossed with me. It feels icky. Like I’m too far inside of someone’s personal space.

        I do understand a little something about social anxiety. Six years ago, I developed anxiety so bad that for about 2-3 years, I couldn’t leave my house without having a panic attack. At my worst, just putting on shoes caused a panic attack. Thankfully, I found help and got to the bottom of my issues (without drugs) and am 100% better. I haven’t felt anxious (without a damn good reason) in at least a couple of years. I wish you well. If I could get better, so can you.

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      • So sorry I missed the reason, and thanks for telling me your struggle. It makes sense for sure! Yeah, I’m better. It’s something that started 25 years ago, and I’ve managed it pretty well until this year. For some reason, it got dramatically worse, and so I needed to get help. The holidays were as easy as they could have been, but I still had two panic attacks. So I’m trying to write off December, and just be thankful that prior to the holidays, I had made a lot of improvement. I’m thankful for the people who’ve stuck by me and have offered their steadfast love and support to me. You and I can keep taking our macros and nature shots, and let people like my daughter deal with the people! 🙂


  2. It’s a beautiful portrait. Are you uncomfortable photographing people you know, or strangers? Or both? I guess if I were doing an actual portrait I might feel awkward, but I love photographing people! It maybe also be because I don’t have your skills, so it’s usually more of a quick snap.


    • I know her well, and I was still uncomfortable (even though I was asked to do it). I’m not exactly sure why I’m so uncomfortable photographing people, but my best guess is that it has something to do with how uncomfortable I am with being photographed. If I see a camera pointed my way, I RUN! I may be projecting my own discomfort onto my subject, or… I could have intmacy issues. lol

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      • I get that. I don’t like to be photographed either, and when I really think about it, I am rarely taking someone’s photo in a very intentional way like this portrait. That would probably make me uncomfortable too.

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  3. I share a reservation or hesitation about photographing humans. Pretty much all of my photos are of landscapes and nature. If humans are in them, they are usually a very small part of the photo set against a grand backdrop of clouds, sunsets, trees, mountains, etc.

    I’ve often thought about photographing people whom I’ve met in my travels, so I can put a face with their story. But somehow I either forget or feel like asking them if I could take their photo would seem like I were using them for a blog post. Which isn’t the case, but I still halt myself from asking because of that.

    Why do you think you do not like photographing humans?

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    • Interesting. I guess not wanting to “use” people for a blog post is a (small) part of the reason why I don’t photograph people as well. The bigger reason is that I’m really uncomfortable being in front of a camera, and I seem to imagine my subjects feeling the same way about me as I feel about someone trying to photograph me. I see it as an invasion of personal space. Now that everyone has cameras and social media accounts, I am more uncomfortable than ever about being photographed and about photographing others.


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