Project 365—Week 32

For week 32 of project 365, I ventured outdoors to capture scenes in the snowy woodland near my house. Brrrr!

Week 32 (January 1st – January 7th)

snowy forest decay

day 218—snowy forest decay



day 219—skis


snowy log

day 220—snowy log


snowy barrel

day 221—snowy barrel


snowblower blades

day 222—snowblower blades


snowy woodpile

day 223—snowy woodpile


sunlit logs

day 224—sunlit logs

You can find all my project 365 photos here in my project 365 flickr album.


7 thoughts on “Project 365—Week 32

  1. Certainly looks a bit chilly there Amy, and a nice mix of colour and mono. I do like the colours of wintertime when the colours are muted. Nice set. It’s been unseasonably mild here, and very wet. Regards, John.


    • Some days were chilly that week, yes. It’s warming up now, thank goodness. We’re in for heavy rain tomorrow, so, bye-bye snow. 🙂 I jealous of your unseasonably mild temperatures. But, at the same time, I’m able to look back at our brutal winter of last year and feel extremely grateful that this one is nothing like that.


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