Project 365—Week 33

The theme for this week’s project 365 photos is “wellness”. It’s something that seems to be on the minds of a lot of people these (early January) days.

Week 33 (January 8th – January 14th)

weight(less) AKA my bathroom scale

day 225—weight(less) AKA my bathroom scale



day 226—probiotics


an apple a day keeps the doctor away

day 227—an apple a day keeps the doctor away


running shoes

day 228—running shoes


well worn weight training gloves

day 229—well worn weight training gloves


daily log

day 230—daily log


mindfulness colouring book (work in progress)

day 231—mindfulness colouring book (work in progress)

You can find all my project 365 photos here in my project 365 flickr album.


9 thoughts on “Project 365—Week 33

  1. I like the looks of that coloring book! I have one also, and have spent up to an hour day in this cold weather using it. It’s quite intricate, and I love it, but I like yours too! I’ve switched from colored pencils to fine markers and will never go back. (Haha – you were probably not expecting a novel on coloring in the comments!)


    • It’s lots of fun, isn’t it? The last few nights I coloured, I had uplifting podcasts playing in the background. That made it even more enjoyable. I’m probably going to use fine tipped markers for my next page. There’s not a lot of stuff to colour on the next page (it’s mostly text) so it will be a good place to try them out. I only have about 10 markers.

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      • Treat yourself to a pack of markers just for coloring! Mine are called Stabilo 30 pen 68, and they are heavenly. My niece recommended them and I love them – found them on Amazon.

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    • Thanks. I can’t remember the last time I was ice skating. When we were kids, we had our own rink. All the kids in the neighbourhood used to come over to skate.

      One day this week, I spent an hour shovelling a path from the back door to the car before I left for the gym. It was “leg day”. On “leg day”, I normally jump on a stationary bike for half an hour after (because my legs won’t cooperate for any other sort of cardio after I’m done torturing them). I figured the shovelling was enough cardio for the day, so I skipped the bike.


      • Shovelling snow is definitely a good workout. I never train cardio at the gym, because I use my bike for commuting 5 day per week: the only cardio I do at the gym is 5 minutes warming up on the threadmill (which is utterly boring).
        You were lucky to have your own rink. I started ice skating as an adult, but I wish I started as a kid.
        Do you do weights too on leg day, or only the bike?
        If you lived around here, I would have invited you for a gym date!


      • Have you tried doing abdominal exercises as a warmup instead of walking on the treadmill? Just basic ab exercises (not advanced ones) are a much less boring and probably a more effective way to warm up.

        Really, you never skated as a kid? Have you taught your son to skate yet?

        Yes, I do weights on leg day. When I’m done with the leg weights, I bike. On upper body days, I run after I lift weights. There is no way in hell I could possibly run after my leg workout. I barely have enough strength left to climb the stairs when I get home.

        If I ever make it to Norway, I think it would be fun to workout together. It would be interesting to see which one of us is tougher. lol


      • I’ll definitely try abs as warm up, that’s a great idea! Glad to hear that you do weights on leg day: I was afraid that you only did the bike. The stairs up from the gym can be a killer afterwards, shaking legs and holding on to the rail. 😅
        I divide the upper body into parts, like: back & biceps (day 1), shoulders & triceps (2), then chest & stomach. When I don’t have time to go as often as I want, or if I haven’t been to the gym for a while, I do as much as I can in one session.
        It would have been great with a gym date – it can be boring to go alone sometimes, but you’d probably beat me. 💪


      • Speaking of shaking afterwards… I often take my 365 after I get home from the gym. Holding the camera still has become a challenge most days. Ever have that problem? Oh wait, never mind. I forgot I was asking the guy who shot a blog post while drunk on a bike. lol


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