Project 365—Week 35

This week, for my project 365, I blindly selected one pencil each day from my Crayola box. I then went on a hunt around the house to find “a subject” that was the same colour as my chosen pencil. It’s not exactly and original idea—I am seeing a lot of other Crayola inspired photos these days, but I did put my own little twist on it.

Week 35 (January 22nd – January 28th)

random crayola draw 1 (pink-rosado-rose)

day 239—pink-rosado-rose


random craoyla draw 2 (gray-gris-gris)

day 240—gray-gris-gris


random crayola draw 3 (raspberry-frambuesa-framboise)

day 241—raspberry-frambuesa-framboise


random crayola draw 4 (red-rojo-rouge)

day 242—red-rojo-rouge


random crayola draw 5 (lilac-lilas-lila)

day 243—lilac-lilas-lila


random crayola draw 6 (light brown-cafe claro-brun pale)

day 244—light brown-cafe claro-brun pale


random crayola draw 7 (white-blanco-blanc)

day 245—white-blanco-blanc

You can find all my project 365 photos here in my project 365 flickr album.


11 thoughts on “Project 365—Week 35

    • Thank you! There are a group of people (I follow a couple of them) doing a Crayola inspired challenge together right now. They are working their way through 12o colours. Everyone does the same colour on the same day. They aren’t photographing their subject with the pencil. They are just using the colour as inspiration (and I believe most are using archived photos). It looked like an interesting challenge, but way too much for me to commit to, so I modified it in a way that worked for me.

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