Project 365—Week 42

In week 6 of this project—in an effort to make things easier on myself—I began the practice of assigning myself a weekly photo theme. It worked! Now, I think the habit might be making things too easy, so, starting this week, I’m ditching the themes.

For the remainder of this project, what I shoot will be more reflective of what I have done (or what has caught my eye) that day. There will be no more looking for around for “stuff” to fit into a predefined category.

Week 42 (March 11th – March 17th)

my favourite tree fungus

day 288—my favourite tree fungus


my favourite hobby

day 289—my favourite hobby


seed starting tracker

day 290—seed starting tracker


nifty ice formation

day 291—nifty ice formation



day 292—clothespin


vintage samsonite

day 293—vintage samsonite


end of winter

day 294—end of winter

You can find all my project 365 photos here in my project 365 flickr album.


16 thoughts on “Project 365—Week 42

  1. All interesting photos. The fungus, ice formation and end of winter are my favourites. I wasn’t able to work out what your favourite hobby photo is?


    • I can verify that this works. I make my own compost with kitchen scraps. I get tomatoes popping up all over the place every summer! Last winter, I moved one of the compost bins closer to the house so that I could get to it without having to walk through waist deep snow drifts. When it warmed up, I had tomatoes growing in the gravel driveway where the compost bin had been.


      • That’s awesome. Tomatoes are tasty! I grew some on my balcony when I had one, but I didn’t know that they needed extra shit when they grow in pots, so they got something called tomato rot.


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