Thursday Doors

This week’s door belongs to my aunt and uncle. I was there on Monday, and as I was driving in I said, “Hey, there’s a Thursday Door!” My aunt was slightly mortified when I photographed the Easter decoration that she forgot to take down, but I thought it was was super cute. For her sake, let’s pretend it’s an old photo, okay?

Anja's door

For Norm’s Thursday Doors.


21 thoughts on “Thursday Doors

  1. Tell you Aunt I think it’s cool that she decorates the door for Easter. And considering how long some folks leave up their Christmas decorations, this is not a big deal.
    Nice post 🙂


      • It’s beautiful. My mother was Dutch and there were small (and some big) hints of it around our house as we were growing up too
        One of the small mementos I got after she passed away were a tiny pair of porcelain Dutch shoes. They are hanging from the knob on one of my kitchen cabinets 🙂
        I guess by osmosis, I grew up with a love for windmills 🙂


    • I don’t know what I did on my keyboard, but whatever it was, I deleted your last comment when I was trying to respond to it. I hit undo, but it didn’t “undo” it. What I was going to say was that the little shoes sound like a lovely reminder of her.


      • I do that deletion thing all the time. If you are interesting in finding them, go into the dashboard under “Comments”. You can find folders containing all your comments, what’s in your trash can, spam folder, pending approval, etc.
        You should be able to find whatever you’ve accidentally deleted and restore it.
        The first time I discovered this, I was amazed at the stuff I found in there 🙂


      • I followed your advice and got your comment out of the “trash”. YAY! It was the only thing in there. I still don’t know what I did. I type without looking, and my fingers were out of alignment on the keyboard. I haven’t got a clue what button I hit.


      • Yeah – I haven’t figured out yet what I’m doing that causes it either … although I do tend to do it on a fairly regular basis.
        … but it gives me a reason to check out my spam folder. Periodically I find something *interesting* in there … as in, really odd 😉

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  2. Hi Amy, I love all your pictures you have a real talent for capturing them. I’m trying to catch up on reading posts. Some weeks I feel lucky just to do the WPC photos.. That will change this coming Oct as I will be retiring and hope to take more random shots while getting used to not having to go to work and spending more time with our grandchildren. Take Care.~Julia


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