Life After Death

I’ve had the Nic Collection editing software on my computer ever since Google made it available for free, but I really haven’t spent much time playing with it. That’s just wrong, right? I thought so, which is why decided to  use Color Efex Pro today to attempt to put an artistic twist on this mess of a landscape.  I used the “midnight” filter.

Life after death-3

I’m still not in love with this image, but I think the edit added poignant drama. It highlighted the contrast between life and death—a new forest emerging amongst skeletal remains of the old.  The circle of life.

For The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge—Earth.

“Share your vision of our magnificent Earth through your lens.”


9 thoughts on “Life After Death

  1. Nik software is great fun and I have now built it into my approach of defiling the images as they come out of the camera…..joking! The most useful for me is Silver Effex and even if I intend to keep the colour in a picture, I use it to balance the tones before putting the colour back in.
    Regards, John.

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