Road Photos

I like to snap photos from inside of moving vehicles, but I rarely share them on this blog. Why? Because they look like photos taken from inside a moving vehicle. I decided that I don’t care about that anymore. If I capture something I think is “cool” on the road, I want to share it with you from now on.

Today, I had an ophthalmologist appointment at St. Martha’s Hospital in Antigonish. As usual, Dad was my driver. We are always each other’s hospital appointment chauffeur. Anytime someone else is in the driver’s seat, my camera is on my lap, just in case…

As we approached the Canso Causeway, I spotted a really big boat docked at the quarry. I grabbed the camera out of my bag and, between passing cars, I captured this image.

really big boat

Really big boat.

To get an idea of the scale of this boat, take a look at the fishing boat on the right side of the image above. That ship is a monster!

On the way home, the monster was still there, but this time, the quarry was on the passenger side, so it was a little easier to get photos.

causeway quarry

Really big boat getting rocks (or sand, or whatever it is that comes out of the quarry).


quarry boat

A closer look at the really big boat.

I always get excited when I’m able to capture photos on the causeway. It’s a place where you can’t stop and get out of the vehicle to take in the sights. Once you’re on the causeway—unless you’re driving a big truck going to the weigh station—you can’t pull over. I’m almost positive that pedestrian traffic is not permitted to cross it. I’ve never, in all my years, seen anyone walking there.


7 thoughts on “Road Photos

  1. Great capture underway! You have very steady hands. That ship looks like the same size and type that plies our Great Lakes, basically inland fresh water seas. They draft 25/30 foot of water. Big ships, big drafts. Hope your eyeballs are in good shape, guessing they dilated them with that fluid. Painful.


    • Thanks. I credit my stabilization lens and the shutter speed for the appearance of steady hands. LOL

      You obviously know way more about really big boats than I do. 🙂

      Eyeballs are fine, well… as fine as mine get. Thanks to an omission on my file, I didn’t get dilated today. My appointment was at noon, the nurse went on her lunch break without seeing me because the doctor forgot to leave instructions in my chart that I was to see her before seeing him. The doctor said he’d “wing it”, and he did, but he wrote in my chart that I HAD to get it done when I go back in six months.

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      • Well that stinks! You know much more than I about photos.

        I grew up fairly close to Canada in Michigan. Not too far from Sarnia, Ontario as well as being on a lake. We skied and all that so i GREW UP AROUND BOATS.

        Ooops. Been on the big lakes boating too so boats flow in my veins, even here in the desert in Vegas. Your appointment isn’t really complete. They should charge less for that.

        I lived in Amherstburg, Ontario for a while in the 80’s too. Love Canada! 🇨🇦


      • No charge for my appointment. Hospital vistis are free here in Canada. I’m sure the tax payers won’t be on the hook for the drops I didn’t get. 😀

        I live on an ocean and a lake (a see actually, but everyone here calls it a lake) yet, I know nothing about boats.

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      • good deal. i have argued for years that the States should switch to the Canadian system of medical care. our system has become so much worse since that damned Obama took office. i can be fined $3000 by our federal government for not having medical care. so incredibly ignorant. it can be rolled back to the imperfect yet so much better system but it will be a major battle between our conservatives and the liberals. and we don’t have an official party with either of those names.


  2. I don’t think I could tell that these pictures were taken from a car (but I’m on a small screen and I’m not really looking for flaws, just enjoying what captured). It’s a good call, to me, that you’ll be less particular about what you post – I don’t seek perfection and I often find myself enjoying posts that are not quite perfect but are interesting in other ways. Also, of course, good to hear that your appointment went ok!


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