Project 365—Week 51

Well folks, it looks like the chances of me accomplishing my year long photo a day goal are pretty darn good. I haven’t missed a day yet, and (as of the time I’m scheduling this post to be auto published) I only have 8 photos left to snap. It’s been fun, but I’m really glad it’s almost over.

Week 51 (May 13th – May 19th)


day 351—poppy


dill pickle chips

day 352—dill pickle chips


tree peony leaf bud and flower bud

day 353—tree peony leaf bud and flower bud


on the menu this evening

day 354—on the menu this evening



day 355—unlocked


snacking bee

day 356—snacking bee


mountain ash

day 357—mountain ash

You can find all my project 365 photos here in my project 365 flickr album.

I hope you’ll come back next Sunday for the final 9 images of of my project 365 366. I know, I know…. I probably should have looked at the calendar before calling this thing a “Project 365”, right?


10 thoughts on “Project 365—Week 51

  1. Congratulations Amy. You’re almost there; a great accomplishment. I know how I felt when my Studio 365 was over; a sense of achievement, but like you, happy it was over and the pressure was off. Look forward to seeing your final week. Best wishes…Andrew

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