The Changing Seasons 2016—May

It’s time, again, for Cardinal Guzman’s monthly photo challenge, The Changing Seasons 2016. My photos for this month’s challenge were taken on the 1st, 22nd, and the 29th. As in previous months, I’ve chosen to capture scenes within walking distance from my home.

In March and April, I showed you pre-construction and start of construction images of a new two-lane swing bridge that will replace our village’s one-lane swing bridge. As it’s the most exciting thing happening around here these days, construction photos will dominate this post.

East bank of the St. Peter's Canal—May 1st

The east bank of the St. Peter’s Canal—May 1st


Some kind of machine on the west bank of the canal

The west bank of the St. Peter’s Canal—May 1st


some kind of machine at the canal

A big yellow machine—May 1st


work area

Work area on the west side of the St. Peter’s Canal—May 1st

Three weeks later, I revisited the canal with my camera. I was bummed that it was overcast on the only day I had off that week to take photos, but I’m glad I went. When I arrived, workers were preparing to open the bridge for the first time this season. When I overheard them talking about the boat that was soon going to be passing through, I made my way to the best place to capture “the action”.

east approach

The east approach to the canal bridge—May 22nd


East bank—May 22nd

East bank of the St. Peter’s Canal—May 22nd


rebar posts

The west bank of the St. Peter’s Canal—May 22nd


first stop of the year

The swing bridge, swinging—May 22nd


boat traffic

Boat traffic—May 22nd

Yesterday, after realizing that I only had bridge photos to share for this month’s challenge, I thought it might be a good idea to grab my camera and shoot some other stuff.


St. Peter’s Marina—May 29th


Floating docks

St. Peter’s Marina—May 29th


Man in boat

Man in boat at the St. Peter’s Marina—May 29th



Abracadabra—May 29th


how cute is hogalicious?

How cute is Hogalicious?


floating dock

Floating dock at the St. Peter’s Marina—May 29th


speed boat

Speed boat—May 29th



Fisherman at the St. Peter’s Marina—May 29th



Dugout—May 29th



Tic-tac-toe—May 29th

The last photo in this series doesn’t look like anything special, but it will soon become something pretty awesome. It’s the site of our soon to be community garden.  I’m proud to say that I’m one of many who are working hard to get it it g(r)o(w)ing.

Helping Hands Community Garden

The (under construction) site of Helping Hands Community Garden

You can find all of my photos for The Changing Seasons 2016 photo challenge here in my Flickr album.  


17 thoughts on “The Changing Seasons 2016—May

  1. Oh these are such a fantastic look at where you live and the excitement that comes when something is being built for the good of the community. I would love to own Hogalicious…love small, older boats. As for the community garden, that is fantastic. There is one close by where I live. Great post from you once again! Cheers!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Kim. The bridge build is rather exciting in this tiny place. Oddly enough, I’m not even bothered by the traffic delays. That boat is sweet, isn’t it? I’m super excited about the community garden. I’ve ended up taking on a bigger role than I had imagined I would when I was asked to join, but I’m happy to do so. The “work” is fun, and the other volunteers are pretty terrific. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • The first time I went travelling north from Australia, I landed in London. I was so happy to see community gardens in many of the inner city suburbs. There was one right next to my hotel in Sloane Square (not far from Harrods). Hopefully we’ll get to see photos as the garden grows. (yes, that’s a hint). 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • You’ll definitely see more photos of the community garden. You’ll probably see photos of my own garden too. I planted my onions and leeks last evening. If it weren’t raining (with occasional thunder and lightning) I’d be out there now planting my peas and carrots.

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      • I live in an apartment where there is no space for a garden. I really miss that. I’m from a city in Australia (Toowoomba) that is known for its rich volcanic soil, and just about anything can be grown there. It gets hot in the summer, and cold (by Aussie standards) in the winter — so you can plant anything really. It’s such a joy to grow and eat your own veges.


      • Space isn’t an issue for my garden. I actually spent last week making one of my flower gardens smaller. That garden was overrun with weeds last year because I never seemed to have time to get to it. Looking after my food gardens always seems to take priority, and rightly so, I think.

        You’re right! It is a joy to grow and eat your own food. I don’t think I could ever not do it now.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow Amy, these seem so different to your previous changing seasons. It’s an amazing juxtaposition to see the bridge-building against the gorgeous picturesque river. This looks like exciting times!


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