Today was Open Farm Day in Nova Scotia, and I went to an alpaca farm! I freaking love alpacas, so I was in heaven!

Not camera shy

It looks like the white one has experience in front of the camera.


white alpaca

This white one knows how to strike a pose too.


white alpaca

This must be its “good side”?


black alpaca

Oh, look! We have another supermodel in the pasture.


In need of a haircut

This one missed his haircut appointment. Poor thing. You wouldn’t believe the heat that was radiating off his body! 


white alpaca

On the move. 


Family shot

And now, the family shot. Let me tell you, this was a heck of a lot easier than taking a portrait of MY family.

A big thank you to Mamie’s Alpaca’s in Glendale, Nova Scotia for opening your farm to the public today.


20 thoughts on “Alpacas!

  1. These are great! I want to tousle the white one’s hair or rub its soft-looking neck. The black one looks like the kid who’s always filthy (my youngest son), and the brown one looks truly depressed to be sweltering under that coat! I’ve seen alpacas before but never noticed how short their legs are. What a fun family to photograph!


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