Pretty In Pink

When I saw this car come to a halt for road construction last week, I was, pardon the pun, tickled pink! I stopped what I was doing, ran for my camera, and stepped  pranced out into the rain to shoot it.

i-wantAccording to Merriam-Webster‘s Simple Definition, nostalgia is, “pleasure and sadness that is caused by remembering something from the past and wishing that you could experience it again.”

One might argue that because I wasn’t alive during this car’s era, what I was feeling was not nostalgia. I beg to differ.  Thanks to the magical powers of books, movies and television, I’ve been, on several occasions, transported to that time. The sight of that marvelous motor vehicle made me wish I could jump in and take a(nother) spin back in time.


7 thoughts on “Pretty In Pink

    • “Feels so right, it can’t be wrong, rockin’ and rollin’ all week long…” Every boy in my school wanted to be Arthur Fonzarelli, and all the girls wanted to be Joanie. To this day, every time I see a jukebox, I think of Al’s Diner.

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