Pasture Pics

The Sunday before last, my Dad and I made our annual pilgrimage to my uncle’s pasture to get a truckload of manure for my garden. When we were finished shovelling sh*t, I grabbed my camera to snap a few photos while my dad patiently waited for me in the truck.





two brown horses


hungry horse

hungry horse


hungry horses

two hungry horses


back scratcher

back scratcher



9 thoughts on “Pasture Pics

    • Thanks! Yes, stocking up on manure is an autumn thing, for sure. Dad and I are always doing stuff together. Thanks for the (unintentional, I’m sure) reminder not to take that for granted.


  1. I read this post and my thoughts went off in a different direction. You manure your garden in the fall? I thought it was a spring thing. I’m a real newbie at this gardening stuff and I only just started to embrace the idea of putting down manure. Now I’m confused.


    • The beds that are empty before it gets too cold for me to want to spend time outside get manure in the fall. So far, I’ve only spread it on my potato bed. It will get mixed in the spring. I’ve got all my manure on pallets in 35L pots waiting to be used whenever I need it. You really want it to be well aged before it goes near plants.

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