Ten Perspectives—Desk Edition

On Wednesday, after two consecutive restless nights, I was not able to function properly at work, so I quit early and played with my camera instead.

I challenged myself to shoot the same thing—my work desk, chair and keyboard—ten different ways. I had also challenged myself to shoot all ten images in portrait orientation, but after I imported them to Lightroom, I realized that I had failed that part of the challenge. I absentmindedly shot one of my images in landscape. Oops!








desk-3So, tell me, have you ever messed around with your camera like this when you were too tired/braindead to do something more important/productive/responsible? If so, show me your images.


6 thoughts on “Ten Perspectives—Desk Edition

    • Thanks. I will be back to normal soon. It’s the kind of sleeplessness I get around the full moon, only this time it started a full week before (instead of 2 days before). 😦 I’ve been told this Monday’s full moon is a super-duper Super Moon, the likes of which we haven’t seen in decades. If so, that would certainly explain things.

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  1. The time change always messes me up too. I was totally zonked this week.
    I like this idea of forcing yourself to look at the same object from different perspectives – I’ll probably give it a try when I’m cooped up indoors this winter and I’m struggling for ideas of things to shoot.


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