The Changing Seasons 2016—November

This morning when I lifted my bedroom blind, I wasn’t impressed—it was snowing!   Instead of crawling back into bed and staying there until June, like I wanted to do, I got up, got dressed in arctic attire, and (briefly) ventured outdoors to take a few pics for Cardinal Guzman’s monthly photo challenge, The Changing Seasons 2016.

snowy fall leaf

snowy fall leaf


snowy back yard

snowy backyard


snowy rearview mirror

snowy rearview mirror


dressed for Christmas

front door dressed for Christmas


Until today, November hadn’t been gross. It was actually pretty warm for this time of year,  and most days, there was some really amazing late afternoon light. Here’s a shot I took from in front of my house on November 22nd. This view was opposite to the setting sun.

Facing east northeast at sundown (from my front lawn)

sundown—the view from my front lawn

You can find all of my photos for The Changing Seasons 2016 photo challenge here in my Flickr album.


30 thoughts on “The Changing Seasons 2016—November

  1. These are all beautiful photos of a horrible season! The rear view mirror on the car makes me want to cry. No snow where I am yet, but I know it’s going to be a very cold winter. Sigh. I’m with you – June cannot come quickly enough!

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  2. I do not envy your snow, Amy, but I adore these pictures! There is a reason I moved away from Minnesota, my snowy and cold home state, to a more southern area of the country. I appreciate the beauty of snow, but I prefer to live in warmer weather!

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    • Thanks! It wasn’t actually a “sunset”. My back was to the sunset which was bouncing gorgeous light on the land on the other side of the lake. Everything in between was rather dark. I’ve seen it “glow” over there at this time of year, but never that spectacularly.


  3. I have just noticed that you have been doing some time travelling – the title is 1000 years ago!! Perhaps too much mulled wine Amy? 😀
    Have a fantastic 2017 – and I look forward to more of your photo ‘play’


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