(I Can’t) Focus

I’ve always liked photography, but in 2006, I fell in love with it. At that time, snapping photos—macro photos—suddenly became an uncontrollable obsession. Why, you wonder? In that year, my right retina detached twice. The eye was saved, but my vision will never again be as “good” as it was. I use macro photography to see again.

Sadly, I haven’t been taking very many photos in recent months. I now have a (rapidly growing) cataract in my right eye. Operating my camera and editing the images has become a royal pain in the arse. I will be having surgery sometime this summer, and I’m looking forward to being able to focus on the details again.

A fly on a weed

For The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge, focus.


22 thoughts on “(I Can’t) Focus

  1. You take better photos with a cataract than I take with clear eyes! All joking aside, I hope all goes well and that we will continue to see your (even more) brilliant photos when that annoying veil is gone. Are the detached retinas and the cataract related?


    • Grrr…. I just typed a long response that vanished just before I went to post it. I’ll sum up what I just said without all the unnecessary details. Yes, the detached retinas and cataracts are related. They are the result of an injury I had when I was 12. I was hit in the eye with a rock.

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      • Oh, my! That sounds terrible! Hope the surgery goes well and that both problems can be fixed forever! (And I HATE when I lose a nice long response – it’s happened more than once, and sometimes I just give up.)

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    • Thanks, Lynn! Sorry, no blogging. I took down my other WordPress blog. It served its purpose. I don’t feel compelled to write there anymore. I’ve moved on. That’s not to say that I won’t someday replace it with another type of blog.


    • It’s frustrating, but not frightening. I’ve known for many years this would happen “someday”. I’ve had a cataract in that eye since I was 12. Interestingly enough, it’s a brand new cataract that’s making things difficult for me. I’m eager to have it fixed so that I can get back to “normal”.

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